Voodoo Doll , as a religious movement originated in South and Central America among the black slaves. Voodoo Magic is built on sacrifice, which helps cleanse the person from the negative and disease. Also by voodoo magic to create a powerful protective amulets and talismans. Often the ceremonies are conducted with a voodoo doll, which will be discussed in this article.

Voodoo Doll allows the magician to influence the individual, under which it is done. After a special ceremony doll turns into a mediator between the wizard and the object, linking the first to the second. Is it easy to connect a person with the doll? For the magician simply, if he has a small part of a person as a strand of hair, nails, pieces of clothing and other things. Often doll give the person’s name, draw his facial features. These links doll and human, combining in one unit of energy.

When installed on an invisible thread doll curse, and at the same time – per person. First, the magician has a doll, then reads the curse pierces the needle head, neck and heart. Sometimes part of the doll is burned. Vudisty believe that the wounds inflicted on the doll to hit the victim’s body in the form of physical or energy healing. When the ritual ends, doll tossed the victim, hiding in her house, buried in the ground.

In voodoo doll is an analog – nymph “Navy”, which is manufactured in three days, constantly thinking about who she identifies. Dolls indulge even the Indians of Peru, which is put on the clothes dummy victim, cursing her and “kill.”

About Voodoo Dolls formed a negative opinion and association, but it is not always and not in all cases focused on the negative, ie with the help of Voodoo shamans are able to also do good. Any magic is divided into black and white, the same applies to the voodoo magic.

Dark and bad voodoo doll made MAC Media, cinema and literature. Man, as usual, I believed in what he was told and shown. But we are not going to deny that magic voodoo mostly chooses the dark side of light, so that it is often called Satanic.


The first step – Cleansing. Before you make a voodoo doll, you must clear the material from which it is made. Under the rite of purification is meant the removal of existing materials to energy, that is, its neutralization. Most items, including dolls are made are not taken from the wild, they are produced by the industry, for example, fabric, thread, buttons, beads, glue, paint and much more. All of these materials before you get into the hands of the magician were not in the hands of one who had left them their energy footprints. Purification is carried out in several ways: salt, incense, sandalwood oil, ground.

The second step – the creation of dolls. Rite to create a doll is a whole ritual, rather than a simple collection of designer items. The process involves thoughts, mental state, energy author. Shoplifting Doll does not have the power that made his own, according to the rules and canons. When you create a doll the most important thing – it is a way of intentions, which should always be present in the mind, not mingling with your emotions.

If your doll is on the attraction of success and financial well-being, during its manufacture, you always have to think about money, return of debts, repayment of the loan and other financial situations, imagining how they are resolved, improving your financial situation. In the manufacture of dolls, each important word, intonation, voice power, volume. Of course, do not be silent, but do not shout, do not curse those who are to blame for your problems and difficulties, this is not the energy that must absorb the doll.

The third step – the consecration and baptism is the final in the preparation of the doll. To sanctify the doll have to light a white candle, which was acquired in the church and put before him. Once ignited the dried sage and cedar needles or incense. Doll held over the smoke, and you say:

“Sanctifies you own Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. I implore you to be good, I obey my will and God. I urge you to be faithful to your master in the world, between the worlds, and in all the worlds. May it be so”.

Voodoo Spell should say seven times. After the ceremony doll will only serve you and no one else, but no one needs to know about the existence of e, as well as see it, and even more so – touch. After the consecration of the doll is necessary to name – to give her name. So you animate the doll. Name doll must impersonate the person to whom it belongs and which is connected by invisible threads.

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